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August 2007


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Aug. 27th, 2007




Okay ladies!

Japanfest is nearing, and I want to go ahead and confirm the details! Who is going? I will definetly be there, and obviously Steph will be there doing her Japanese Antiques exhibit, but this year we have our very own table (next to Steph!) to talk about and promote Modern Japanese culture, including J-Fashion, para, etc.

Some members of OishiiMIX (my Gal Circle) will be in attendance, so I will primarily be representing Gyaru fashion and ParaPara. It would be awsome if we could have someone else representing EGL/EGA and someone representing Decora. (Or both!) If Gelly can come, she can obviously talk about Para as well, and we all have our two cents worth on anime and that scene. Any other friends of ours that are coming we should offer to dress them up and have them hang out at our booth! We can talk about J-Fashion all we want, but the best promotion is having examples of it walking around.

This is primarily an outlet for us to promote Spicy Cream. I have made fliers that promote Gyaru and Para culture, that will be English on one side and Japanese on the other. I highly encourage you guys to do the same for EGL and Decora! I will be dressed in Oneegyaru style both days. (At least as close as I can get in Maternity Clothes... *sweatdrop*) We should all dress up in one of the styles, if at all possible. (I think Gelly has a Lolita dress, but we've got time to make stuff if need be!)

We should aim to have the Spicy Cream website online before JF. My personal site will be up soon (Princess Heart) and I think Steph will have hers up as well. Gelly, if you need help, please let one of us know so you can get yours up as well. I think Brooke is still in limbo about her line, but we should all be able to advertise through the Spicy Cream storefront. This might mean busting our butts to get stuff done in the next five weeks, but we can do it. We just have to apply ourselves.

We have a room reserved at the Holiday Inn Gwinnet Center, right next to the convention center where JF is being held. If you CAN or CANNOT go, PLEASE let me know ASAP! I have room in my car for Brooke and Gelly, if you want to go! I am leaving Friday morning around 8 so we can arrive in time to setup our booth Friday afternoon.
We need to know how much the hotel/gas is going to cost, so please let me know soon! We do not have to buy badges for JF, the are included in the cost of the table, but we do need to split the cost of the table. (About $10-12 each.)